Blaer Awards

These annual awards are made to undergraduate students, graduate students or postdocs in the Columbia and Barnard Physics and Applied Physics Departments for outstanding efforts in education and public outreach involving underserved communities and/or efforts to increase diversity in the physics department community.  The award is named after Allan Blaer, Professor Emeritus, longstanding director of undergraduate studies and the Columbia University Science Honors Program, and an exceptional and passionate teacher.

Nominations open in April.


2021 Winners

Anjali Verma is recognized for her work as the co-founder of Columbia Spectra, including developing a mentorship program for URM students in physics and the new Physics Scholars Program, as well as her work to help improve the introductory undergraduate classes, in addition to the many other initiatives she has engaged in to create a more inclusive department.

Noah Bittermann is recognized for his foundational role in developing and organizing the outreach program at Democracy Prep Harlem High School, including the DPHHS Coding Club.