Community Round Table

The Columbia Physics Community Round Table (CRT) provides an open forum for discussions around issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. These talks place an emphasis on providing engaging open-ended conversations that are intended to build a stronger department culture. In the end, this program seeks to amplify marginalized voices by both creating spaces for them to be heard and by developing a community that is more receptive to diverse perspectives.

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Our Speakers

Anjali Verma: First-Week Interventions in the Classroom

Prof. Charles ThorpeHow should we think about science and war?

Milena Crnogorčević and Dr. Rania Sanford: Fermi Mentoring Program: Lessons learned from near and far

Prof. Kathryn Johnston: Why Diversify?

Prof. Shamus Khan: Building a Better Department Culture

Prof. Kerstin Perez: Classroom Practices for Retention of Underrepresented Students

Prof. Kelle Cruz: Developing a Community Code of Conduct

Prof. Geraldine Cochran: The Diversity Umbrella: What is Underneath It?